Scarf for the commencement

Yale School of Art

The program for the Yale School of Art Commencement of 2016. Instead of going for a regular flyer I printed a long scroll of credits on a scarf.

Scarf, 2016.

Out of Hand

Drawing Tool

A drawing tool in which a large amount of control is taken out of the users hand. Functions like size, angle, position and colour are not manually adjustable but randomly shift while the user is trying to draw a line.

Ipad App, 2016.

Noteworthy Rides

Ongoing Collection

An ongoing documentation of noteworthy rides taken with taxi drivers. Printed on bills to be distributed back to the drivers hidden in their tips.

Bills, 2016.

Anti Light

Artificial Darkness Part 2

A series invisioning a fictional lighting technology called Anti Light.
Anti Light deactivates spaces generated by light. The underlined words on the posters are placed on top of the original text and form a grid of shadows obscuring the message.

Poster Series, 2016.

Out of Touch

Artificial Darkness Part 1

In this project I am interested in the omnipresence of artificial light and how it makes us unaware of the stillness of darkness. The site is ‘The Screen’ the latest territory in which artificial light is manifested. ‘Out of touch’ investigates our attraction to this glowing screen. Our scrolling, tapping and sliding fingers normally used to create activity are now used for creating inactive space.

Video, 2015.

Ahmet Polat

Websites glued together

Ahmet Polat. is a Turkish photographer who on the one hand works on commissioned projects and on the other hand on autonomous projects. His projects were documented in different websites but an overview was absent. His new website had to function as a hyperlink page to his autonomous and commissioned portfolio pages. My solution was not a hyperlink page but a website glueing the websites together with a vertical menu bar.

Website, 2015, Programmed by Ingo Valente.

The Mist

Research Project

The personal social cloud has descended to the earth’s surface in the form of 'The Mist'. This mist is a space where all the incoming signals from your social networks are gathered. These signals become a dense noise awaiting the users entrance into the disorientating struggle for online attention.

Interactive Installation presented at
Oddstream Festival, DGTL Festival and
The Night of Art and Science.
2014, I.C.W. Ingo Valente.


Extrapool & Rtfkt

A collaboration between Extrapool and RTFKT in which two house producers are invited to their studio to create a new live-set. This set will be presented at the club night in Brebl.

Identity, Flyer & Visuals, 2014 - 2015.

ADCN Jury Film

ADCN Awards 2014

Introduction video for the ADCN Jury. The photography and directing is done by Arjan benning and I was asked to make and come up with an idea for the typography for the film.

Video on a Big Screen in Paradiso.
2014, I.C.W Arjan Benning.

The Preim Table

Graduation Project

The artist Navid Nuur faked his death and therefore we had to make a legacy about his work. During his life Navid Nuur created a PREIM-list, a list of ingredients that functioned as a base for his life and work with The Preim Table a selection of this list is used to create the ultimate studio, something Navid both in his life and work was intrigued by. For Navid this ultimate studio could only be reached by stepping into ‘the void’, a black space without boundaries he created by closing his eyes. This ultimate studio gave him the possibility to work on a whole different scale, here he could combine all ingredients without any limits. The preim Table tries to reach this void in a different way. Handling strictly systematic all 20 ingredients are combined with each other. The Preim Table is an attempt to give Navid the ultimate studio he dreamed of.

Installation, 4x2.5m screen, 440 small videos. 2013, I.C.W Lisa van Kleef.


Internship at 75B

During a period of three months I have done an internship at 75B. One of the bigger projects I did during this internship was the Oedipus Campaign. Ro theater is a regular client of the studio, they did the identity for the theater and now design the campaigns for their new plays. Oedipus is about a man who unknowingly fulfilled his cruel prophecy that said he would kill his father, become king by marrying his mother and thereby bring disaster on his city and family. When discovering what he had done, Oedipus cut his eyes out in despair. I used the to two sides of the Ro logo as an expression of his state of mind, the elation of the young king and the despair of the old king.

2 Posters, A0 format.
2013, under the SUPV of 75B

Dead Neanderthalls

Artnight Nijmegen

visuals for the dead Neanderthall’s performance during the Artnight in Nijmegen at Extrapool. The visuals consist of a varying amount of horizontal and vertical lines. The lines can have every weight and can shake as hard as necessary for creating a visual terror.

Live Visuals, 2012 I.C.W. Ingo Valente

The Tosti Currency

3rd Year Editorial Project

As alternative to the expensive catering at the ArtEZ canteen, We developed a value system based on our small scale tosti-lunches. In this model everyone added something to the lunch and had some responsibility over the lunch. We converted this model to a bigger scale where it could be used as a model for the canteen. We came up with a lending system where were we loan en received tostis at a canteen table, it relied on mutual agreements and responsibility of the students. By adding forms of deposit and dept to the system the flow of tostis weekly fluctuated. As design we made napkins with the system on it so that the participants could read and easy participate in the system.

Currency System printed on napkins
2012, I.C.W. Cengiz Menguc

Strand Electric


Strand Electric is a visual collective consisting of me and a couple of friends. We do visual projects often related to sound and music. We are interested in a mix of analog and digital technologies, and work with improvised as well as precomposed images.

See our Facebook page for the latest updates and come see us live! Check the dates at our

I.C.W. Ingo Valente, Jolijn CeelenJorian Bekker and Herman van den Muijsenberg.